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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you visit our website, we will collect and store some of your information. Depending on what you are using our website for will determine what information of yours that we will obtain and store.


We will obtain and store the following information when you visit and subscribe to our website.

If you contact us through email, we will use your information to respond to you. That is the only time that your information will be used.

All of the information that we obtain and reserve is used for statistical purposes only. We will use software programs to generalize our subscriber’s likes and dislikes about our website, to find out how many users are accessing certain parts of our site, determining technical numbers, and identifying problem areas with our site.


We use software programs for security purposes only to eliminate anyone trying to change or upload information without permission or cause any other damage to our site.


We will not obtain any personally identifying information of yours unless you volunteer it. We will not sell it off or rent it to third-party affiliates without asking permission first.

Terms of Usage

We reserve the right to gather and store specific types of information relating to how you access and use our Service. This is referred to as ‘usage data.’ It encompasses your computer’s IP address, browser type, browser iteration, your browsing habits while utilising our Service, details about the time, date and nature of usage (which pages you visit), some identifying information about your location and limited diagnostic data.


If you click a link on our Service platform and it takes you to an externally hosted payment page, we may (in some instances) store the personal data submitted for the purposes of optimising your registered account.


During the payment process, we may store your given address and telephone number. We use these personal details to confirm your identity and check that your payment method is reliable. Unless requested otherwise, we store these two pieces of data to speed up the payment process on your next visit.


Storing your billing address and phone number also enables us to contact you.


quickly if there are problems with your order. You may, at any time, request that we close your customer account and delete these details.


To complete any checkout purchase on our platform, you must allow us to store your credit card number, expiration date and security code. This data is heavily protected by the encryption software used to protect our payment gateways. This is an automated process which does not allow your payment data to be seen or managed by employees.


The expiration date on your payment card will be flagged if the card expires. If you are still using our Service and making regular payments via our online platform, we will send you an email to notify of you this before your next purchase.


Our data usage policy allows us to store cookies and save data relating to some of your browsing behaviours while logged into the platform. This includes the dates and times of platform logins, the number of visits and the pages you choose to browse.

Use of Cookies to Collect Browsing Data

As is standard for online services, use and store cookies to monitor specific types of browsing activity on our platform. You have the option to disable this monitoring by customising your data settings and disallowing cookies. However, please be aware cookies are also used to prepopulate forms, predict browsing behaviours and streamline customer experiences on platform.


If cookies are disabled, we will no longer be able to personalise aspects of your visit. It may take you longer to complete checkout transactions and online forms.


The term ‘cookie’ refers to a small packet of digital information which usually contains a personal identifier. This identifier is anonymous; it provides information about your internet browsing habits and movements on our platform. However, there is no link to your name or any other personal details which might identify you. Cookies work by tracking actions taken by your computer. Some other examples of data collected from your computer are tags, beacons and scripts.


As a service user, you reserve the right to prevent the use of cookies for monitoring your browsing behaviours. If you choose to do this, you may not be able to access areas of our website which rely on cookies for confirmation of your identity such as payment gateways.


As a registered user of our service, we reserve the right to store the following cookies (relating to your user experience) unless requested otherwise:



Reasons We Collect Our Customer Data

24x7wpsupport collect and store the data outlined in previous sections to enhance and personalise your user experience. Here are some of the ways we utilise it:

Any of the user data described above can be used to confirm your identity before online payments are approved.

Terms of Data Transfer

When Cannot and Must Not Use Your Personal Data

Some other exceptional circumstances include:

Terms of Data Security

While utilising our Service, you’ll notice there are stringent security measures in place to protect your data. These measures are designed to safeguard your payment details, personal contact information and any other identifiers which might be used to access potentially revealing data.



Our platform is operated via an encrypted server. All forms of personal data (including payment details) must pass through a sophisticated SSL encryption gateway to ensure maximum security at all times. A very small number of people have carte blanche access to this data in order to prevent and solve technical problems.



Personnel with legitimate access to the most heavily secured data are regulated by the strictest privacy and information security laws.


While we take every action possible to keep your personal data secure, we cannot offer a guarantee. No means of digital transfer is 100% secure. If an organisation’s privacy policy claims this is the case, you may need to look more deeply at their usage policies. Service providers have a responsibility to be honest about the level of security they can provide and the ways they plan to use your information.



Many of the data storage circumstances outlined in this usage policy are required for our Service but we don’t necessarily have access to the information. When actions involve payment details, for example, our organisation does not store the data on our servers. It is kept on highly encrypted machines managed by a small number of heavily monitored personnel.


While we take every action possible to keep your personal data secure, we cannot offer a guarantee. No means of digital transfer is 100% secure. If an organisation’s privacy policy claims this is the case, you may need to look more deeply at their usage policies. Service providers have a responsibility to be honest about the level of security they can provide and the ways they plan to use your information.


Terms of Data Security

In some instances, we collaborate with third party providers and authorities to operate, enhance and maintain our Service. Other times, we may work with third party providers to carry out service based tasks or seek advice on data analysis and security.


These service providers may briefly access some of your personal details if it is strictly necessary for completing the process or task. They are bound by privacy regulations and cannot share or use your data in any other manner.


The most commonly used service providers are Google AdWords and analytics software (sometimes provided by Google). You can read about Google’s data security and privacy policies on their website at


We cannot be held responsible for content provided via links to third party websites or services. While we promise to extensively vet the platforms we choose to feature on our website, sole responsibility for data security measures and policies lies with the website operators. We stress the importance of reviewing each provider’s data security measures.

Terms of Use for Children

The stringent data security and privacy measures in this policy only apply to service users above the age of eighteen. We do not knowingly or intentionally collect or store information relating to minors and their use of our Service.


However, we cannot be held liable for any actions which contravene clearly stated terms of use. For instance, if clear and obvious age warnings are ignored, our Service may not be held responsible if personal data is collected.


If you believe this has occurred, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Any data believed to relate to a minor can be removed from our servers relatively quickly.

Notification of Changes to Our Data Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. If or when this occurs, we promise to notify you promptly and let you know how the change will affect your user experiences. This notification constitutes a legal acceptance of the updated policy document unless you contact us to say otherwise.

Contact Information

Except as distinctively montioned on this site, the products & services available through this site are offered by located at 9702, 101st Ave City, Ozone park Zip Code : 11416-2522 State, New york. If you notice that any other user is violating these Privacy Policy, please contact us at